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Innovative and disruptive payment solutions created by a highly experienced team.

Who are we and what do we do ?

mPos ™ Global LLC is a company specialized in the development of simple and innovative technological solutions for the payment industry. Our developments include billing systems and processing solutions for credit cards, EMV (Chip) cards and contactless payment (Contactless). We provide a simple way of payment, from innovative and affordable products that allow -both individuals and micro, small and medium enterprises-, to receive payments by different electronic means, without complex contracts or large monthly costs, mostly free services that are activated immediately.

In mPos ™ we provide powerful tools to improve the management of your business and make it more efficient. We provide different turnkey solutions to receive payments with credit and debit cards, as well as everything you need to enroll in the world of e-commerce.

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Our History

Our mission

At mPos ™ Global LLC we deliver disruptive and innovative solutions in cash systems and electronic payment methods, so that any person, micro, small or medium enterprise, with any financial capacity, credit, work or occupation can benefit from cutting-edge technology, providing support and advice on their integration into the financial system and the self-management of their business.

Sponsored by Visa

mPos ™ Global LLC is supported and sponsored by Visa International in a regional agreement, possible thanks to the high levels of quality and security of our products, and the seriousness and commitment to our customers from the services we deliver. In each country where mPos ™ Global LLC is located, our clients find the solution and the growth that their businesses require, tailored to their expectations, hand in hand with Visa International.

Full Stack Developers

We program complete developments of wide expertise in "back-end" as "front-end" from JAVA, C#, PHP, AngularJS, Objective-C, Swift, Python, C++, .Net, NodeJS, NoSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, ESB's, SCRUM, RestFull Services, among others. From building simple web pages to workflow platforms for governments or transactional financial systems connected to Visa and Mastercard, we take the needs and turn them into intuitive and simple solutions for each client.

Creative vision

Our trajectory and experience in mPos ™ Global LLC has allowed us to work on projects in three continents, with people and companies from diverse cultures, knowledge and expectations, enabling analysis, business and product projection with a multicultural and multidisciplinary perspective. Today, we study your requirements, compare them with past projects and apply the accumulated knowledge in radical innovation to create without repeating, with cutting-edge and reliable solutions.

It is always better when everything is simple

Less is More in technology, simple is better! We understand complex language and complicated words, and transform them into simple and intuitive devices and processes for our customers and users. Our main difference is simplicity!

Time is valuable

Commitments and deadlines are as important at mPos ™ Global LLC as they are to our customers and users. We know our industry and use an AGILE methodology with all the latest generation tools, with daily delivery goals and schedules. With a dedicated team specialized only in tracking, review and quality control, supported by real time information, we guarantee and make sure that every delivery is fulfilled to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Technological Platform

At mPos™ Global we have spent a decade developing, improving and optimizing our technology platform and architecture. Based on Mule® ESB and fully REST API's, we now have a world-class transactional engine capable of supporting millions of concurrent transactions. We can guarantee to remain at the most optimal, secure and efficient technology edge of our industry, with all the international certifications required to operate.

Angular 8

Angular 8 is a modern web development platform, which allows us to achieve the maximum speed possible on today's web platform.

Amazon Web Services

100% cloud-based, we use AWS to power our back-end operations and dates.


Powered by pure Java.

Years in Business

Millions of Dollars Processed

Countries and Counting

More than 100 thousand Global Users

We are different!

Integral approach

We understand the universe from the language of programming and engineering to solve and make friendly many of the daily actions of the present world, integrated to virtuality and technology. That is why our work is oriented to create simple tools of greater ease, comfort and confidence.

Transversal Customer Support

We offer advice and technical support in each phase of implementation: from the moment we receive the requirements of each client, while we develop their solutions, and above all, when our support begins to deliver and finalize a project, being this process, one of the most important priorities and strengths.

Complete Design and Modeling

We concentrate a great deal of initial effort on diagramming and modeling everything. We have state-of-the-art tools to plan and perform proof-of-concepts, prototypes and functional models before implementing the coding, protecting our clients' investment, their time and ours as well.

mPos ™ Global LLC Human Team

Focusing on understanding what our clients need and fully materializing their requirements has been the horizon of growth for nearly two decades and the main compensation for our work, which translates into the dedication and satisfaction of each collaborator in mPos ™ Global LLC .

Oscar Flores
CEO - Founder President
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Mario Javier Sanchez
COO - Founder
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Carlos Javier Flores
CTO - Founder
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Pablo del Busto
Director Of Sales & Global Operations
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Jonathan Palacios
Head of Global Partnership & Business Expansion
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Justin R. Muntean
Vice President of the Board of Directors and Operational Technical Advisor
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Daniel Otazo
Secretary of the board of directors and Financial advisor
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