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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any type of penalty for not transacting?

    There is no penalty for not transacting, it is always recommended that you keep your account active to avoid being disabled.

  • If the device is not used, will the account be disabled?

    After 90 days of not receiving transactions the account is automatically disabled, you can re-enable it by requesting it by sending an email to management@mposglobal.com. There is no cost to rehabilitate your account, it is a security procedure.

  • How does the communication of the equipment with the telephone work?

    The connection with the phone is made via Bluetooth.

  • What benefits do Credicorp Bank clients have?

    They are not charged for the cost of wire transfer when requesting their funds.

  • Where does the money go?

    The funds are deposited in the Master Merchant Account of mPos Global in its sponsor bank directly from the brands, and from the moment the merchant requests your money within 48 hours, your bank account becomes effective.

  • How are the cards processed?

    Through an EMV Chip and Band card reader connected by Bluetooth to your computer with the mPos BT Reader. The mPos CR100 accepts Chip EMV and Contactless cards

  • What cell phones does it work on?

    Our mPos Global app works on any Android or iOS device that has Google Play Services available.

  • How do the costs of the 10 cent promotion work?

    All transactions between $ 2 and $ 10 pay only 10 cents per transaction, above $ 10 pay the commission of the plan in which you are affiliated.

  • What is the minimum and maximum per transaction?

    Minimum is $ 2 and maximum in the free plan is $ 2,500, per transaction, per day and per month. In the Pro plan, the limit per transaction can be raised up to 10,000.

  • Do they have the authorization and certification to operate as a payment platform?

    If we are a PCI certified company and all our devices have EMV (Chip) certification and contactless payment solutions (Contactless) ®. Furthermore, we are a “Sponsored by Visa” company. In each country where we operate, we have a contract with a sponsor bank and our operation is authorized by the superintendency of banks.

  • What are the requirements to join?

    Initially, when you create your account, you register for a free plan, with this plan only a Certificate or Passport is required, an additional utility bill detailing the residential or business address, if your account is upgraded to a PRO plan and your business In a personal capacity, the notice of operations is added and if it is a legal company, a copy of the public registry certificate is added to the notice of operations.

  • Who can use mPos Global?

    Anyone can use mPos Global, from personal, entrepreneurial, small, medium and large companies, it is created so that any business can not only receive payments with credit and debit cards, but also payments in cash and that it can manage its business.

  • What do you mean when you say it's a full-box system?

    Because it allows you to manage many options necessary for the administration of payment, for example, it allows you to create invoices, register clients, register users, register expenses, suppliers, inventory management (categories, services, and products), reports among other options. In addition, you can not only receive or register card payments but also cash.

  • Where is mPos Global installed?

    An app is downloaded to your phone, you must locate it in the Android Playstore or Apple Appstore, it is completely free and you can find it under the name mPos Global

  • What is the difference of mPos Global?

    mPos ™ is the only company that offers you a PRESENTIAL payment option, in addition to other non-presential payment options such as QRPos® or CellPos®. The difference between the two is that in non-face-to-face payments the merchant must digitize the card number versus in a face-to-face payment, the card is physically present at the time of payment and it is read by a secure method (EMV chip or contactless technology) . The fundamental difference for the merchant lies in the security of the transaction. A face-to-face payment is guaranteed by the bank to the merchant (except obviously when the fraud is committed by the merchant and not the payer). mPos ™ offers both services recognizing the practicality of each option, however, it recommends you whenever possible to prefer payment through an mPos ™ device.

  • Do you accept a password?

    NO! As of May 2020, we still DO NOT accept KEY cards. It should be noted that we have been in the process of integration with TELERED since October 2018, however, the process does not depend on us. We hope soon to be able to offer you the option to accept KEY, we will keep you informed by this means.

  • In addition to its commission, how much does the bank charge?

    Absolutely nothing! Our commission per transaction includes both the bank and international brands. With mPos there are no hidden or additional costs in your transactions.

  • Do you charge taxes?

    Of course, as required by law, mPos collects the tax (ITBMS in Panama, VAT in Nicaragua, and Colombia) on the commission withheld from your transactions. An example: You charge with your mPos a card for $ 100.00 dollars. In your account statement you will see: Collection: $ 100.00 Commission: $ 3.15 (Free Plan in Panama) ITBMS: $ 0.22 (7% of 3.15) (Example of Panama) Available Funds: $ 96.63

  • How do I receive my money?

    Directly to your account by bank transfer. You can list any bank account you have available in the country where you purchased your mPos. In Panama: This transfer will have a cost of $ 3.00 dollars per occurrence, regardless of the amount of the same. That is, if you request $ 1,000 or $ 100, the same amount of ACH cost will still be paid. If your account is with Credicorp Bank or Banco Delta, you will be exempted from that charge. In Colombia: There will be no cost to Bancolombia clients. For any other bank, there will be a cost of COP 8,000 pesos. In Nicaragua: For Clients of Ficohsa Nicaragua, there will be no cost.

  • How do I request my money?

    You can request it from our App in the green button that appears on the home screen of mPos Global App “available balance” “Request my money” or through the secure.mposglobal.com client portal in the “Request my money” section.

  • Can I use the mPos outside my country (Panama)?

    NO, mPos cannot be used outside the Country where it was purchased. Due to banking regulations, money laundering protection rules, your mPos can only be used in the country where it was acquired. In fact, if you do, your account will be immediately blocked and your funds frozen. So remember, if you bought your mPos in Panama, you can only use it in Panama, if it was purchased in Colombia or Nicaragua, you cannot leave the country with the device anyway. All mPos are georeferenced for protection

  • Should I have an account at a specific bank?

    NO! You can use any account of any bank in Panama. In fact, if you don't have an account, you can request a check as a form of payment.

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