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mPos Global Mobile App


Mobile application available for Android and iOS, free, included with our mPos devices. Allows you to manage customers, inventory and expenses. Compatible with fiscal printers.

Application available for Windows 10, Windows Embedded and Android, compatible with our mPos ™ devices. Complete inventory management and control system for restaurants, bars, fast food, delivery and nightclubs.

mPos Global App, a complete and safe cash system

Choose from our range of state of the art payment processing hardware.

Friendly interface

Designed for the end user, with a simple and user-friendly application interface, as well as a complete help system.

Tax and Tip Management

Get paid quickly and easily, but also handle multiple forms of payment, taxes and tips all in one step.

CellPos ™

CellPos ™ allows you to manually enter a card, for those cases where it is not processed fiscally.

Complete POS System

Our application, in addition to allowing you to accept card payments, is a complete cash system. Control inventory, customers, expenses and suppliers,all included in the software, at no additional cost.

Manage Your Inventory

Manage all your inventory organized by categories. You will be able to upload photos of your products, manage minimum inventory, supplier prices and much more.

Print your Invoices

Compatible with fiscal printers and electronic invoicing. Multiple invoice formats available (Letter, receipt format). Sending by SMS or Email.

Manage your Transactions

From the palm of your hand you can see and manage your transactions in real time with a level of transparency and details so great that you would like to see in your bank.

Digital Signatures

The signatures captured by the App are stored complying with the highest security standards. Always at your disposal for monitoring and validation of charges.


Taking security to the highest level and guaranteeing our merchants and clients the effectiveness of their transactions, each transaction is georeferenced in real time.

cashPos, everything you need to manage your business

Installed in more than 2000 establishments in 5 countries and operating for more than 18 years. Redesigned and totally renovated in 2019.

Friendly and intuitive interface

Developed and designed with feedback from more than 10,000 industry professionals including cashiers, servers, and managers.

Combos, Accessories, Extras

You can create any combination you want of combos, add-ons, or extras to a recipe. These can be complex and separated by category, for example allowing 2 complements but only one from each category (a drink and a side).

Mix all forms of payment

All imaginable payment options available on a single, simple and intuitive screen. Your ATMs will be faster and more efficient than ever. Integrate your system with our mPos ™ devices and you will avoid having to operate external dataphones that not only create delays but also dramatically increase errors and cash settlement time.

Handle multiple teller and teller shifts

Is your business big and so is your team? Do you need to manage several cash shifts a day, several cash funds and many cashiers? Don't worry, all the options you may need are covered and available.

And much more...

  • Alarms

    Sending alarms by email for vital functions such as discounts, cashier closings, invoice cancellation and mismatches

  • Administration

    Absolute remote administration

  • Branch

    Unlimited branch management

  • Cash

    Unlimited cash shift management

  • ATM

    Unlimited ATM handling

  • Suppliers

    Management of suppliers and purchase orders.

  • Boxes

    Unlimited handling of boxes.

  • Purchasing

    Centralized purchasing management.

  • Warehouses

    Management of multiple warehouses for storage and billing.

  • Map

    Creation of a map of the establishment for the interface of servers with the ability to create different areas.

  • Recipes

    Creation of simple or complex recipes (sub-recipes, sauces).

  • Recipes

    Creation of provided recipes Eg. Desserts.

  • Multicurrency

    Multicurrency with the ability to integrate a generic or daily exchange rate.

  • Waiters

    Allows operation of waiters and order orders without opening the box.

  • Access Control

    Compatible with access control by card, fingerprint or facial recognition.

  • Compatible

    Compatible with mPos devices for card payment integration.

  • Compatible

    Compatible with thermal, dot-matrix, laser and fiscal receipt printers.

  • Electronic Billing

    Ability to integrate with electronic billing (Colombia, Panama)

  • Portable Command

    Compatible with portable command terminals (line breaker).

  • Real-time

    Real-time checkout monitoring dashboard.